Virtual Doula Birth Right Manual

Virtual Doula Birth Right Manual

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The Virtual Doula BirthRight Manual is a short and simple handbook to get you through labor. You may have spent months preparing for a peaceful and positive birth but it's easy to forget some of what you learned when labor gets intense.

This manual gives you:

  • comfort measure for each stage of labor 
  • ways to reduce discomfort/pain
  • ways to enhance labor and speed it up
  • how to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes
  • tips to prevent tearing
  • tips for immediate postpartum
  • how to identify which stage of labor you might be in

With your purchase you will also receive the FREE VIDEO GUIDE which walks you step by step through each page to make sure that you completely understand the manual and are ready to use it when labor begins!

* if you enrolled in the Virtual Doula Birth Right Program this book comes with it!