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Have you been MOMMY SHAMED before?

I have, and not just in real life but also on social media.. a lot. My name is Olivyah and I run a page on IG all about empowering women through birth and motherhood. Since starting my page and interacting with other blogs I’ve noticed a huge issue, mommy shaming.

It seems that instead of allowing social media to bring us together in a lot of ways it has divided us. This May, I am hoping to shift the narrative and encourage moms to love one another through their differences. I would love for you to take part in this social media challenge and share your story if you’ve ever experienced mommy shaming (or even mom guilt).

All you have to do is fill out the FORM

This is not just a shirt, but a challenge to support and love mothers even if they are different from you. This world makes it hard enough on mothers, we shouldn't be adding to that load by being malicious to one another.

Challenge begins May 12th, you can watch my stories or join the Facebook Group "Her Holistic Path (Sisters)" to get updates on the challenge. I'll be reposting pictures of the mamas who participate on my stories all through the month of may

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