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  • How to Become A Doula?

    As the global energies continue to shift more women are reconnecting with their feminine essence. This, along with other factors, is building a gr...
  • What the heck is a doula?

    There’s no doubt that doulas are on the rise. Yet, with the growing popularity seems to be a growing confusion. Most commonly, the misconception that doulas are midwives, or nurses. A doula is a birth professional. Doulas provide educational, emotional and physical support to women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The sentence you just read is the typical answer you will hear from a doula, but still leaves many people replying with, “I don’t get it, why would you need that?”
  • Are Doulas for Rich People? The Reason Why Doulas Cost a Pretty Penny

    Having the conversation about doulas being luxuries is a hard one to have, especially when black women are dying at astronomical rates from pregnancy-related complications and doulas are now being called to action to help.